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Painting Job in Glendale, CA

We recently got called out to a large residential painting project near in Glendale, near Los Angeles. They needed their stucco painted, the exterior of their home, and they wanted us to paint the rims of their Lamborghini and G Wagon. It was a complete home remodel project and it looked as though they were getting their home ready to be sold because they were looking to move to Colorado, like a lot of Glendale, California residents are doing nowadays. So what we decided to do first was paint the stucco! Stucco is a long-lasting, adaptable compound that has been used in construction from Los Angeles to New York to Florida for over a century. However, the difficulty with long-lasting materials is that tastes, trends, and fashions fade with time, leaving many homeowners asking how they may alter the color of their stucco exteriors. The stucco surface must be cleaned of dust and grime. A firm bristle push broom would usually enough, but if the stucco has a thick texture, you might need to use a power washer. Hairline cracks in the stucco can be filled with masonry-compatible caulking. Putty knives can be used to remove loose material from bigger gaps before mixing the dry stucco repair solution with water and applying it according to the package directions. It’s best to paint stucco after letting it to dry for 7 to 10 days. Instructions on how long to wait before employing stucco repair solutions are included. Next we had to determine what paint would be best to use with the stucco.

Elastomeric paint is one of the most common materials for painting stucco home exteriors in Glendale. This clay-based product is both watertight and bendable. The fact that it is waterproof means that it will prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the stucco and causing mold and decay in the house. The elastomeric paint’s elasticity means it will expand and move with the material beneath it, so if hairline fractures appear, the elastomeric paint will stretch and cover the area.

In Glendale, another advantage of elastomeric paint is that it is fire-resistant, and some insurance companies will even give you a discount or bonus if you use it on your house or business. To reflect sunlight and make your home cooler, use a lighter hue. Some people would rather tint and seal their stucco in a different method. Using a penetrating sealer with a colorant is one alternative. Others will apply a second thin coat of stucco to the surface, this time with the addition of a colorant. If the house has never been painted before, these solutions are ideal.

When it comes to painting stucco, spraying is the method of choice. A brush is extremely time consuming, and a roller is ineffective in getting paint into all the crevices in the stucco.

A excellent alkali-resistant primer will aid in the effectiveness of your coating. It also serves as a barrier between the stucco and the coating, preventing moisture from penetrating the coating and staining it.

After we finished painting their stucco, the Glendale customers were so impressed with our work, they requested that we paint the rims on their Lamborghini and G Wagon. As much as we wanted to help the customer with their request, we explained to them that the best way to apply paint to rims isn’t with a paint brush or spray painting but through a process called powder coating. Powder coating is a metal coating process in which paint is applied electrostatically and then placed in an oven to cure or harden. We referred them to Glendale Powder Coating Company, a nearby company that specializes in powder coating rims. We trust this powder coating company because we needed repairs on our rims of our company van and they were able to sandblast them and then powder coat them and they did an amazing job. Powder coating is also a great way to protect patio furniture and gates and such. It is able to withstand harmful UV rays and will last longer than normal paint, which is much more susceptible to chipping and fading.

Next on the list of jobs was to paint the exterior of their home. Every property we visit is distinct in its own way, and the inquiries we receive from our customers are frequently tailored to their own residence. We appreciate your uniqueness and the chance to interact with you and discuss your property’s unique features and considerations.

Using bargain-brand paint might be quite tempting if you’re searching for strategies to make your painting endeavor as cost-effective as possible.

The problem in Glendale is that inexpensive items might actually grow more expensive over time. Why? The low-quality components result in poor color retention, a shorter lifetime, and weak coverage. This means you’ll have to paint more frequently, use more product, and it won’t look nearly as wonderful!

Investing in high-quality paint pays off in the long run. But how long does exterior paint actually last?

The answer to this question is influenced by a large variety of circumstances. The short answer is that, depending on environmental circumstances, excellent paint applied skillfully can last 7-10 years.

How can you make your outside paint last as long as possible?

Invest in high-quality paints.

Keep in mind the type of paint you’re using (stay consistent with either oil or latex, or else switch carefully)

Select a reputable painting firm.

Never take shortcuts when it comes to surface preparation.

How Often Should you Paint Your Home’s Exterior in Glendale?

This may seem similar to the subject of how long paint lasts, but we may use a slightly different approach here.

While your paint may last for seven years, we recommend that you touch it up, clean it, and maintain it more frequently. This will not only keep your surfaces looking their best, but it will also offer your paint a better chance of lasting a long time. A little tender loving care may go a long way! We finished up our project and the customer asked us what should they look for if they need to find a new painting company when they move.

If you do decide to employ a professional, keep in mind that not all painting businesses are the same. You could get lucky if you locate a painter by shutting your eyes and dipping a finger into the yellow pages (remember those?) but you might also be disappointed.

Here’s a rundown of what you should be looking for:

Is it true that they are licensed and insured?

Is it possible to locate examples of their work on the internet?

What are their thoughts and opinions? The Better Business Bureau, Houzz, Yelp, Google, and your local Contractors State License Board in Glendale are all good places to look for this information.

Inquire about the surface preparation they propose for your outdoor painting project, and confirm that it is included in your estimate.