Painting and Pallets in Glendale, CA

Custom painting services by painting and pallets are provided by our Pacific Southwest Painting Company out of Glendale, CA across the greater Los Angeles and Los Angeles county area. The Franklin Report, the most renowned Glendale home services directory, has rated us as an exceptional bargain that provides the highest quality service. In terms of skilled workmanship, dependability, attention to detail, value, project management, and professionalism, Pacific Southwest Painting Company routinely receives the top consumer ratings.

Luis Jocko, a qualified painting contractor since 1987, oversees all of our painting services. Alan has been painting for over 38 years and has a plethora of knowledge with home painting and color.

Many people consider him to be “the top painting contractor in Glendale.” Pacific Southwest Painting Company is for homeowners that want exceptional customized service and are ready to pay for it.